Vegetarian... never thought it.

I love steak. Nando's is amazing... and is there anything like a McDonalds when you need it least?

So why in the hell would I try being Veggie... I remember years ago I saw a Quorn advert and it frustrated me. I took to Facebook and asked; not to provoke - just to know, what's the point of meat tasting vegan products, if you don't want to eat meat?

The answer I got, I adopted.

“Just because I like the taste of meat, doesn't mean I want to kill something to get it"

No, I've not had something that compares to steak. But in the grand scheme of things, and how my diet's changed in the last few months, I've not missed it. First and foremost, it's something my partner started doing - and I'd occasionally have meat when we were out for dinner. Then, your unfriendly international pandemic hits and going out for food isn't an option...

The first attempt

Like all good story's, it started with ordering in a Domino's Pizza, a cheeseburger pizza to be precise. It was that that made me realise I'd enjoy it just as much if it didn't have random minced beef all over it. So I gave it a go, and here's what I'm finding - it's very early on.

The #Pandemic Helps

“Not having much temptation is a positive, every cloud?

For me I guess the biggest temptation would be if we were out for the evening, or a day shopping in town and went for food. There's no way of looking at the catastrophy going on in the world as anything but a catastrophy... however, not having much temptation is a positive, every cloud?

So how long will I keep this up?

As long as I can. I'm not missing meat and enjoying the simplicity of meals in going veggie. That being said, it's also a lot more enjoyable trying new meals and recipies as opposed to going for the same things over and over again.

And finally... Why?

At the moment, carbs are high, proteins and fats are average - so it's relatively easy for me to hit the macros while being a veggie. That being said, it isn't a sport performance change.

There's a bit of an ethical/environmental decision in this. Meat isn't being farmed ethically or consistently anymore, and the acts of processing to meet demands is gross - in all honesty.

That being said, and while I'd really like for this to be a decision i take on for the foreseeable, it'll be a lot harder when life's back to normal. I think!


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