Short "Cummings"

The story is all over the news, a very senior aide to the Prime Minister decided to travel 250+ miles to stay at his parents house while he was isolating with symptoms of coronavirus. All this during a lockdown forced by the very government he serves, who funnily enough think he didn't do anything wrong.

This post will not defend his actions but it must be said, a few things I'm seeing on social media are ridiculous.

The people that seem so furious about this are those that either post "no government's telling me what to do" or travel to their parents' house and stay two meters away, doing the bare minimum to adhere...

Those that choose to defend him literally ignore everything they think and believe just to make it clear that they support the government's decision not to act on this; just like they haven't acted on anything.

Last but not least, Scotland's medical adviser had resigned over similar claims - except the key thing here... she didn't have symptoms when she decided to travel about. And the story was pretty much gone as soon as she took that step.

My opinion? I'm hardly a balanced party in this conversation - I went to a service station 150 miles away from home to pick up a bike I ordered... (Sorry). That being said, the more that comes to the surface about this story makes his actions more and more ridiculous. He says he was worried about his children and childcare, yet he had multiple options in London. He was experiencing symptoms, and decided that (knowing the minimal effect this virus has on children, and the fatal effect it can have on older generations...) he should go to isolate at his parents' while they look after the kids. Genius..

Would I have done things differently? I'll answer that by saying what my mother says to me all the time "You'll never know what it feels like or what you'd do, until you have your very own children to think about, and not just empathising".

It's a matter of professional competence I feel. If you're the PM's most senior aide, and have watched over the past few months... you've seen the laws come into place that affect everyone and think to yourself "I will not abide"... then you've seriously damaged the credibility of the government you serve.

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