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A post about my recommendations. Caveat: I use audible because lazy.

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“Music has it's place, and it's so good... but it gets old. Fast.”

Reading; albeit in my case listening, adds a very different element of entertainment. For me it started with spending hours in the car as a fields based sales guy... you get seriously bored of the same songs and music, over and over, day in day out. Don't get me wrong - Music has it's place, and it's so good... but it gets old. Fast.

The change was also accelerated when i started triathlon training where music was just fogging up my mind.

Top 5 Reads

I'm personally not much of a fiction fan. I'll read it, and I'll fall in love with some amazing books, but if I had to choose one book; in some kind of be all end all situation, it would probably be non-fiction - an autobiography at that. But this won't be a list of just autobiographies.

5) "David and Goliath" by Malcolm Gladwell

This one is powerful. It takes the biblical story of David and Goliath to tell a story about why the "underdog" wins, using real life stories and situations of these emphatic victories but not doing that cheesy - this is how to apply it to your life - thing.

For me, it gave me real perspective on the fact that you don't need to have the best of the best, to be the best you can be. The book also came at a time in my life I took on a challenge I didn't feel ready for, not in the slightest. So the timing was really key to this being in the list.

4) "The Heart and The Fist" by Eric Greitens

This is a brilliant read that takes the sayings "you need a big heart" or "it's all about power" and puts in some serious perspective. His whole life makes an unbelievable story and that alone could be the book. After this, read "Resilience".

neither heart nor fist will make a difference, but both.

Eric was a really smart man who wanted to "make a difference" in the world... and realised it wasn't that easy. His story is that of an academic that travelled the world to help the worst hit countries with a big heart, but feelt his difference wasn't enough. He then made it as a SEAL, in order to do as much as he could, using the power of the US Military to do so. It's two books that will give you great perspective on human resilience but mainly - a big truthbomb in that neither heart nor fist will make a difference, but both.

3) "Leading" by Alex Ferguson and Michael Moritz

The man needs no introduction, and if he does - then you've been living under a rock. There isn't much to explain about this one, it's all about Sir Alex Ferguson's illustrious career at Manchester United, turning them into the world power house they were through his leadership.

What this book did for me is explain all the decisions he made that made me question him, and make it very clear - that I know nothing. Leading isn't about popularity, it's not about falling in line, it's about having a vision and executing it.

2) "When Breath Becomes Air" by Paul Kalanithi

I cannot talk about this book or it's story line without crying. Seriously. It's a tearjerker. Paul's story is one about one of the US's most intelligent, up and coming brain surgeons. It's a all about his amazing journey into medicine, his brilliance in making a real difference in the world... and then the heartbreak hits. The C word. This is a story about Paul's fight with Cancer, and I'll leave it there - because this is one you need to listen to.

1) "How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle" by Matt Fitzgerald

Why does this get my number 1 book? Matt's written many of my favourite books, he's an amazing writer that uses real stories of amazing people; and himself, to help you find strength in yourself. When you "listen" to books, it tends to be easy to only listen when it's convenient, when driving for ages or a long run. I take every opportunity to finish Matt's books, he's an excellent story teller.

"...when your body gives up, your mind will push you..."

In "How Bad Do You Want It?" Matt talks about what we all know now to be true, the act of Mental Toughness to overcome adversity. He uses athelete's stories from running, cycling and triathlon to talk about when your body gives up, your mind will push you to amazing feats.

This was a tough list to put together. I've just checked and there's been over 75 books on Audible, plus many others I've actually read... five is tough.

If you can pick out one of these I would seriously recommend it - they're amazing and inspirational reads and I hope you agree.


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