Racism At The Helm

How one tweet cost the world what could've been, and was a very good thing.

While the ex-affiliate will be a power, and give the community everything they need, the unifying brand/name/culture... has been destroyed. I'll start this by saying I'm not mentioning any names. My intention isn't to interfere with people's livelihood, nor is it to say I would've made any decisions any easier. I'm writing this to cement this story somewhere.

The first week of June 2020 saw a turbulent time. The Murder of a Black man who wasn't resisting arrest, worldwide protests against structural and institutional racism, and an ignorant tweet from a CEO of a corporation - that could potentially cost him and the community he served, everything.

In response to this, the affiliated gyms of the CrossFit brand had a decision to make. Unaffiliate, say the need time to think, make their position clear on what he said - above all else, say something.

Brands tied to CrossFit have immediately acted by saying they're renegotiating their contracts subject to future leadership, some have immediately pulled out, and some said they will not stand near the brand if it's lead by a flagrant racist.

After the backlash, and after CrossFit's; accountants no doubt, calculated the potential losses, HQ made some comments, and the CEO apologised. This apology fell on deaf ears, as he stood by his comments until he realised how this hurt the pocket he spent so long filling.

My issue isn't with what decision you make, or what you say, just so long as you come out and say something. And a gym close to where I live at the time of writing this had come out with a statement. Their statement was fluffy, clouded in "this is what CrossFit has achieved" as opposed to standing against the racial statements and silence of the corporation. It broke my heart. I took to the comments section.

I didn't feel my comment was harsh, or "expectant". I just wanted to see them say they thought his comments were ignorant, wrong, didn't represent them. But that wasn't the case. They defended his actions by talking about what he helped build. They defended him by saying they're going to keep going as they are without any action. They defended him by saying something, and saying nothing at all.

What's hurtful is that after my comment, they edited the caption, fluffed it out with some more nonsense, and deleted my comment, as well as others that criticised them.

Inaction - is very much action.

You made a pointless statement and remove those that critique it?

In my eyes you're just as bad as the flagrant, arrogant and ignorant CEO you serve.

They then made another posts, labelling those who had critiques "trolls".

You can label those that critique you as trolls, just as much as a president labels those that critique him "Fake News", despite concrete fact.

No one in their right mind would force you to make a decision to affect your livelihood. But to make a comment that says nothing at all is embarrassing for the "community" you represent.

Staying "fiercely loyal" to a racist without dismissig his comments and views makes you a racist. Stand (hide) in front of and behind whoever you want.

True colours come out in times where taking a stand is needed. Standing by and saying something that says nothing, is like standing tall with tape across your mouth, so you may as well sit down.

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