Nutrition 101: Get it wrong, to get it right.

If you've never got it wrong, you've not found the one.

I don't know the answer. But I know a lot about what doesn't work.

When it comes to diet I think I've tried everything. Whether it's Zone, Paleo (lasted about three minutes), carb loading (did it wrong, but cake), and even hiring nutritionists. I'm a salesman by trade and that means I spend a lot of time on the road, where I don't have the luxury of a consistent diet. However, spending more time at home in my new role has enlightened me to a few things.

Take into consideration that when it comes to weightlifting, you have to hit your macros and that's pretty much it. You have to eat decent quality foods, in decent volume in order to lift decent. However, as many weightlifters will tell you it's not life or death... if you want to have a burger then so be it. What I've noticed now I'm doing Triathlon prep is that what I've eaten in the past three days, and especially in the meals leading up to a session dictate how that session is going to go. Cue story about my first ever FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test.

"Seems the whole 'food is fuel' thing is true... who knew? (Everyone that spent years telling me)."

An FTP cycling test is an hour long test to measure how much power you can produce for a long(er) period of time. There's a five minute full blow out of 100% effort, a short 3 minute rest, followed by a 20 minute maximum effort. It's horrible. The first time I tried it, I skipped breakfast. Then I had lunch thinking it would be good enough to see me through. Long story short I couldn't hold over 150 watts for the test. For context, the very first time I did it; properly fuelled, I held 222 watts for 20 minutes. The first full week of testing and programming for triathlon has revolutionised not only the way I think about food, but the expectations I place on myself when I know food hasn't been right. Seems the whole 'food is fuel' thing is true... who knew? (Everyone that spent years telling me).

Fuel for Your Sport

#Nutrition is the easiest thing to get wrong and a lot of misinformed PTs on social media like to think they're the authority. There isn't an easy trick that's going to get you to achieve what you want to achieve, it will completely depend on what sport you're doing, what goals you're setting yourself and a lot of trial and error in finding what the right thing is for you. God knows I've spent a solid 29 years getting it wrong...


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